Terms of Guarantee,

  •  Any product you purchase is under the guarantee of Yılmaz Kuyumculuk Trade Co., Ltd.


Terms of Shipping


  • Please open and check the packages that you think might have damaged during transportation with an officer of the firm present.
  • If the product is damaged, make sure that the officer states that in his report and do not receive the package.
  • Please keep in mind that you will have accepted that the officer served his duty once you have received the package.
  • Cost of delivery belongs to the Buyer. Cost of delivery only belongs to the Seller if the Seller has declared that they will cover the expenses. The seller will be deemed to have served their duty completely although the Buyer is not present in his/her address during the time of the delivery. Thus, all damages and expenses caused by late delivery, awaiting the product in the cargo company and/or the expenses to return the product to the seller belong to the Buyer.Delivery is executed as soon as possible after the payment is made into the account of the Seller if the product is present in the stock. The Seller delivers the product in 30 (thirty) days after the date of the order and reserves the right to extend this period for 10 days more with a written notification. The seller is liable to notify the Buyer if they fail to delivert the product in the specified time due to inventory stockouts or the like commercial impossibilities, unexpected circumstances, force majeure or ait traffic preventing the transportation, transportation disruption etc. It is mandatory for the delivery of the contractual product that a signed copy of this contract shall be sent to the Seller and the payment shall be made in any means the Buyer wishes. If the payment is not made or cancelled in bank records by any reason, The Seller will be deemed to have no more liability for the delivery of the product.

Terms of Return

  • There is no product-return in international trade.